Converge|Wonder, Part I

Converge – to come together and unite in a common interest

Wonder – the quality of excited amazed admiration

Part I – A Man in Spain

A few years ago I was walking through the Galician countryside of northwestern Spain. The trail went through a wooded-forest. There was a large cornfield bordering the right side of the path. Halfway through the forest tunnel stood a man.

As I approached him, I noticed he was sobbing and asked if he was okay. He told me he didn’t speak English, so I asked the same question in Spanish. He explained to me the wonder of this moment. He used slow, carefully chosen words and gesticulations. This was good because it is the only way I can understand Spanish. He knew deep-down the importance of this moment.

Many people walk by this field every day during the growing season. And they pass by this moment in one of three ways; in oblivion, intellectually, or in wonder.

Most people walk by in oblivion. Thinking of the conquests of their future. Or the worries of their past. Or the discomfort or distraction of their current moment. They may notice the green-stalky plants growing in rows to their right. Or they may not.

In oblivion – the only thing in this picture is the gravel pathway.

Still others walk by in intellectual ascent. Able to identify the plant and rattle off many of its uses. They may even add that they love a good piece of corn-on-the-cob at the annual July the Fourth Company Picnic.

In intellectual ascent – Image borrowed from Texas Corn Producers,

And still others walk by like this Spanish man, in wonder. This moment overwhelmed him. He was grateful to be walking in the countryside, in the shade of the trees, protected from the heat of the sun. He was grateful to see the miracle of the cornfield – the wonder of soil, seed, sun, and water, the wonder of a new day, the wonder of new experiences.

Same picture, bigger perspective.

Oblivion is okay, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we have to be single-minded. In intellectual ascent is good, too. This is especially true if you are trying grow or sell or find more uses for corn. But wonder is the way of gratitude and progress.

More thoughts to follow in Convergence|Wonder, Part II – Reality is Not What it Seems…

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