The Best Grass

No, not that kind…

The best grass in our yard.

A few years ago, we installed Bermuda Tiff 419 grass in our yard. This kind of grass was designed to thrive in the hot south Texas climate with little watering and little maintenance. We carefully prepared our lawn with high-quality topsoil, rolled and watered. Then we strategically placed each piece of sod to optimize water retention. We knew it wouldn’t be long until the lawn was beautiful, we even had dreams of converting part of the soon-to-be perfect lawn into a neighborhood putting green!

And now years later…it has been a constant battle to keep the grass alive, fertilizing, watering, aerating, mowing, and tender loving care. The only thing that has consistently thrived in our yard in the hot south Texas summers – the weeds. There are thin spots, dead spots, spots completely covered with clover, and a few spots that give us a glimmer of hope.

The best grass in our yard?

The best grass in our yard grows in the back in the one-inch-wide stress relief crack in the concrete. We didn’t even plant it there. No high-quality topsoil. No fertilizer. No water. I have even tried to get rid of it, still it grows in this one-inch-wide crack. Hemmed in by concrete on both sides, probably concrete and caliche underneath, it is the best grass in our yard.


Maybe it is when we are hemmed in on both sides, with nothing solid underneath us, that we can truly cry out, “Hosanna!” And maybe that is when we become the best…

  • James 2.1-8
  • 2 Corinthians 12.6-10
  • Romans 8.28-39

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