Camino de Santiago – Day 10 – Wounded

Nájera to Santo Domingo

In the Introduction to this series, I mentioned the risk of injury as one of the irrationalities of this adventure. And when we think of injury on the Camino, we might think of severe blisters resulting in infection, muscle or joint injury, maybe a collision with a vehicle in the city or a biciclista on the trail, or something more serious. I witnessed a serious incident in O Cebreiro which you’ll read about later.

I suffered an injury as we were getting ready to leave Nájera. It wasn’t a typical adventure-related injury, it happened when I finished tying my shoes the hostel.

My bed was next to the open windows, where I was tying my shoes. When I finished, I raised up and hit my head on the sharp corner of the aluminum window frame. The first seconds after the impact were followed by some of the most creative profanity ever. In the next few seconds, I thought my Camino would end today. A few seconds later, I thought my life would end.

Thinking I was going to bleed out in the hostel, I gave Jimmy instructions on disposing of my body and letting my family know what had happened to me.

The wound on my head bled and bled and bled. Ten minutes and a half-a-roll of toilet paper later, I was able to get the bleeding stopped. I administered my own emergency care – slathered some Neosporin on it, gingerly applied a band-aid, and made sure the liner of my hat didn’t irritate it.

Surviving this near-death experience, we were ready to hit the trail. It was a wonderful hike with more beautiful scenery, interesting people, and a nice destination.

We arrived in Santo Domingo de Calzada in the mid-afternoon, settled into our bunks at the albergue de peregrinos, and then went out to explore the town.

Despite the early morning head wound, it was another successful day in the books!

Day 10 Leaving Najera
Leaving Nájera, laundry hanging off my bag to dry…

Day 10 Wheat

Day 10 Long Trail to Santo Domingo
This is one of the iconic views from the Camino Frances.


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