Camino de Santiago – Day 16 – Silence

Castrojeriz to Frómista

For more Day 16 pics…

Meseta - Castrojeriz Good MorningWith the words from Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again ringing in my head, I set out for another day in the Meseta.

I mostly agree with the Alexander Supertramp quote in the picture above, but I also believe that happiness can be found in solitude. It’s a good thing.

I had no substantial conversations today, same as yesterday. Seems that nearly all of the pilgrims walking along at my pace are French or French Canadian. I speak zero French and they didn’t speak much English. The exchanges were rare and brief.

If you can find happiness (or better, contentment) in solitude, the Meseta is a great place to be. There is plenty of time and space for introspection.

InstagramCapture_a80d29cd-0478-44d7-afca-4a90b414cd1eThere is a process, a rhythm for each day – awake, walk, harmonize the aches & pains, eat, keep walking, drink, eat, sleep.

If you get lucky and you know what to look for, you can find a place in the middle of nowhere that serves up a proper breakfast. I’ve had such luck for several days in a row now!

The three hot dogs were a bonus to the bacon/eggs/baguette platter. I gladly fed most of them to the local dog that had become my new best friend.

More good news, the coffee cups are getting larger the deeper I get into Castilla y León!

There is not much to say about this part of the Camino except for there are big skies, wide open spaces, and a lot of walking. Here is a picture from this day that has become one of my favorites from the entire Camino:

Meseta - Castrojeriz to Fromista

This picture captures the essence of the Meseta. It is a great opportunity to find pleasure and/or contentment in your own company.

Funny side note from the end of the day – I had settled into my bunk in Frómista when two pilgrims walked in, husband and wife, looking haggard from their afternoon stroll in the blazing Meseta. What was funny was the attire of the man; trail shoes, ankle socks, a speedo, AND.NOTHING.ELSE.

He was as red as a beet, but after a shower and a meal he was in good spirits. I think, he only spoke French…

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