Walking West – Regular

Day 11 – Castildelgado to Villafranca Montes de Oca, 15.74 miles

The quiet road out of Castildelgado.
The road <<< to the future, or to the past >>>.
The location of one of my favorite evenings in 2017. (Belorado)
The steep road up to the shelter.
The view from the shelter.

Today was a regular day on the Camino Frances, if there is such a thing. A good walk through the hilly farmlands. A couple of good conversations about having the courage to step into something new. And good memories of my last walk through this part of the country in 2017 – the Steinbeck Conversation, the Peaceful Anarchist, and Soccer in the Plaza in Belorado.

Again, the day ended off-stage with another off-stage win! Home for the night was the Albergue de Peregrinos San Antonio Abad in Villafranca Montes de Oca. The shelter was part of a nice hotel with all the amenities (bar, restaurant) available to the pilgrim. Oh yeah, they also had excellent Sangria, which was helpful in the struggle with a roomful of snoring pilgrims…

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