1000 Words – Pilgrim Fuel

Replacing the energy burned during a day of walking…

Not pictured below:

  • That first bocadillo de jamón in Orrison,
  • the delicious soups from every Pilgrim Meal,
  • the always-available Pasta Bolognese or Carbonara,
  • the many variations of Flan, the most popular Pilgrim Meal desert,
  • the pizza-by-the-slice at La Galganni Pizzería in Pamplona,
  • the Sangrias – some mediocre, some fantastic,
  • the delicious roast beef in Castildelgado,
  • the incredible carrot soup of Ruitelán.

Not calories, and not able to capture by camera:

  • The pilgrim soul-fuel one gets from the fellowship at the shared meals of the evenings.

“Si te rodeas de personas que son de luz, lo verás todo más claro.” – Sugar Packet, from this post’s cover photo

(“If you surround yourself with people who are light, you will see everything more clearly.”)

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