Camino de Santiago – Day 29 – Simply Good

Barbadelo to Castromaior

Not every day, scene, or interaction on the Camino is breathtaking. Some days are the opposite – struggle, pain, and frustration. And then there are other days that are simply good.

The day spent walking from Barbadelo to Castromaior was one of those days. The weather was good, a little overcast, not too warm and not too cool. The scenery along the way was nice but not stunning. There was nothing spectacular about any of the towns we passed through today, but they were all nice and hospitable.

This is an important lesson to take back to non-Camino life (is there such a thing afterwards?). We don’t always have to be amazed and exhilirated. It’s nice, but amazing and exhilirating are kind of the “sugar highs” of life…hard to sustain and probably not good for your overall health. We need to learn to find contentment in the everyday, the simply good.

Thankfulness is a good place to start. I am thankful (9 months later) for this good day walking in the Galician countryside with good people.

Camino de Santiago
Much of today’s walk was in the shade!
100km to Santiago
We came across the 100km marker early in the day, 100km to Santiago! On a side note, most of these markers have been vandalized or had the distance plates stolen from them…
Camino de Santiago Sharing the Trail
Traffic jam…the cows were not impressed with pilgrims.
Bridge into Portomarín
The bridge into Portomarín
Stairs into Portomarín
Yes, you have to climb these stairs to get into the city…I wonder who thought this was a good idea?!?
Nevertheless, I made it to the top!
Portomarín on Sunday, many ATMs (that wouldn’t accept my card today) and no restaurants that took credit cards…
This pilgrim has a lot of stuff, and yes, that is a little donkey pulling the trailer.
Camino Trail out of Portomarín
Two pilgrims from our group.
Nearing Castromaior
Nearing Castromaior, our stop for the day.

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