Convergence is…

Faith is…

While eating a meal at a trendy place in Corpus Christi, I was scrolling through the picture gallery on my phone…while scrolling, I came across this pic:

I vividly remember the moment when this picture was taken…it took about 5 minutes to cover the distance to the foggy center of the picture. There was no certainty of what was behind the veil, at least by sight, but I walked ahead anyway.

I find pleasure in the photo and the moment.

While looking at the picture in the trendy restaurant, eating an artsy meal, the song, “Drive” by Incubus played over the sound system.

A moment of convergence! Ideas and moments coming closer together.

Chorus of the song:

“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes.”

Though we’re addicted to what we think is certainty, there’s a good deal more mystery in front of us…

Maybe this convergence of moments is to remind us to walk boldly into the fog (the future) with open arms (ready to receive) and open eyes (ready to be awed)!

This sounds a lot like faith…

2 thoughts on “Convergence|Faith

  1. Years ago, in anticipation of an incredible meal at a trendy place (Restaurante La Cumbre) on El Hatillo high above Tegucigalpa, Honduras….upon enjoying an incredible view of the city from the veranda, I encountered two ladies from Corpus Christi visiting with Hans, the proprietor….perhaps a confluence?

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