Walking West – Adapted

Day 3 – Adapted – Zubiri to Pamplona, 17.81 miles

Another good walk through the Basque Country.
Regional pride, I’m a little familiar with the idea…
Sigue las flechas amarillas.
Pamplona vibes!!

It takes the body 7 or 8 days to adapt to walking 15+ miles day after day, so by Day 3 one must adapt the mind to the reality of sore muscles, blisters, chaffing, and other minor maladies if you are to keep up the pace. My specific physical maladies (we won’t dive into the mental here) were:

  • Persistent, throbbing blisters on the 4th toes of both feet
  • The toenail on my 2nd toe, right foot, gave his 3-month notice. He will be leaving my body thanks to yesterday’s descent into Zubiri.
  • Overall poor conditioning…I didn’t train, blaming the lack on my work schedule, but probably more related to my overall philosophy of pilgrim training – the pilgrims of old threw on their sackcloth & leather sandals, grabbed a gourd for water, and set out walking. Training, who needs it! (Disclaimer: You need it, don’t follow my method.)

Minor maladies and suffering adapted to, the reward for today’s struggle was Pamplona itself! A tour of the Plaza de Toros de Pamplona, a selfie at the Hemingway Monument, good wine at Café Iruña on the Plaza del Castillo, to the city hall and the route the bulls run, amazing pizza and beer at La Galganni Pizzeria, and the best municipal albergue on the Way, the Albergue Jesus y Maria.

My Pamplona tour ended with a sunset at the city walls on the north side of the old town.

A proper end to a good day.

Worth 1000 words.

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