Walking West – Acclimatizing

Day 2 – Burguete to Zubiri, 13.96 miles

Struggle leads to reward. – Buddha, – Saint Paul
The feet-restoring (i.e., ice cold) Arga River.

Having just overcome one of the three most difficult days (Pyrenees, Cruz de Ferro, O Cebreiro) on the Camino Frances, I walked and enjoyed this day. It’s still difficult to walk long distances on sore feet, and this stage still has plenty of ups and downs, but it’s different, the pilgrim begins to acclimatize.

I feel a deep sense of belonging in the Basque country. I love the architecture. I appreciate the agriculture practice – cows on land that needs cows, sheep on land that need sheep, and food crops planted in the spaces between. And my favorite thing, all the gardens and windowsills of the towns filled with plants that produce food or provide beauty.

It was a good day to walk. Except for maybe the toenail-tearing, knee-wrenching descent into Zubiri. Still, the ice bath in the Arga and the ice cold Estrella Galicia were satisfactory rewards.

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