Walking West – Presents

Day 5 – Puente La Reina to Estella, 16.43 miles

Westward Progress in Pics

The moon lighting the path out of Puente La Reina in the early morning.
Leaving Puente La Reina by moonlight.
The town of Cirauqui rises out the surrounding fields and watches over the countryside.
Cirauqui, one of my favorite views on the Camino de Santiago.
Plump, purple grapes hang from the vine, ready to be picked.
Grapes ready for the Fall harvest!
Olives hang from the olive tree, ready to be picked.
Olives ready for the Fall harvest!
Blueberry Cheesecake desert served in a glass dish.
One of the gifts to myself today, happy birthday to me!

Westward Progress in Words

Walking 16+ miles alone through western Navarra seems a strange way to celebrate a birthday, but it’s the way I did it this year. And the day was a real struggle for me. Looking back, I believe the funk was because I was under-caffeinated and hangry, both the result of leaving too early. I wasn’t properly caffeinated and fed until 10:30am. Apologies to anyone I may have snapped or snarled at along the way.

I made it to Estella and rewarded myself with a private room (good, snore-less sleep), machine-washed clothing (no more swampy smells), a gourmet hamburger (recommended by a young Croatian friend, wasn’t sure he was a credible source, but he was right!), and a blueberry cheesecake served in a cup.

The day ended well…lesson learned; sleep in a little longer, leave later, drink more coffee early, and eat at least one Napolitana de Chocolate before setting forth.

Westward Progress Gallery

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