Walking West – Signs

Day 23 – El Ganso to Molinaseca, 21.79 miles

A single rainbow all the way across the sky, what does it mean???
Google Translate and apply.
Loosen the weight of burdens that don’t belong to me…there will be a story about Sisyphus’ Boulder in the future.
Unfortunately, peace is not as profitable as war.
These signs make me wonder…

In contrast to the last post (very wordy), the notes from today’s walk:

  • It was cold.
  • It was windy.
  • It rained significantly for the first half.
  • It was steep going up to the Cruz de Ferro.
  • It was steep going down to Molinaseca.
  • It was a challenge – physically and mentally.
  • I arrived in Molinaseca too tired and late to enjoy it.

The foggy walk at the top of the Camino Frances.

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